Our Solution




Transaction response speed up to 1,000 times


Competitive advantage for you company:

Leap 5 technology years ahead of your competition.


Our technology increased transaction speed by 1,000 (from 7 TPS to 7,000 TPS). We are 10,000 times faster at presenting data from the BlockChain to the dashboard. Our speed and efficiencies make our solution the ideal BlockChain platform for real-time transactions
ie) Fintech, Banking, Real Estate etc.

Data management

Utilizing our graph data platform, data is presented to dashboards and user interfaces in real-time. Our team will customize a solution that provides access to data for timely strategic decisions. Our technology allows you to filter the data into transactional data and all the related data. This increases the solution efficiencies.

Advanced Analytics

GraphBlockChain provides real-time advanced analytics. Our approach provides access to business insights not available through traditional platforms. What differentiate from others is our unique method of organizing data. This allows our solutions generate executable business insights.

Current problem?

Too slow to reflect
real-time transactions

Most existing solutions in the market are not ideal for real time transactions due to low performance (slow data processing speed). GraphBlockChain offers uncompromising performance thanks to its unique data ingestion capability.

New Solution

Enhances transaction
response speed up to
1,000 times faster

GraphBlockChain enhances transaction response speed up to 1,000 times faster. This speed is powered by the high performing and unique *AgensGraph Engine.

GraphBlockchain is the faster solution for complex business logic needs. Speed and Reliability is what differentiates our solution from conventional solutions. This innovative SaaS solution will be available in early 2018.