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Graph Blockchain Limited ("GBC" or "Graph"), a leading-edge technology company providing private blockchain solutions has been focused on the growing need for blockchain data management in the global logistics market.

Graph Blockchain Limited ("Graph") has signed a Memorandum of Understanding ("MOU") with Korean Trade Organization, KTNET to develop and implement a blockchain-based electronic trade services platform for KTNET.

Graph Blockchain Limited ("GBC" or "Graph"), has signed a contract for approximately $300,000 CAD with LG Electronics. This contract is to build a private blockchain solution for its global logistics platform.

Graph Blockchain Limited (“GBC” or “Graph”), has commenced development of the prototype solution for a division of Samsung. As previously announced, this contract originated through our relationship with IBM Global. Total consideration for the prototype solution is approximately $300,000 CAD.

Datametrex AI Limited (the “Company” or “Datametrex”) (TSXV:DM) (FSE:D4G) is pleased to announce that its JV company, Graph Blockchain Limited (“GBC” or “Graph”), secured a prototype contract with the world’s largest manufacturer of mobile phones and smart phones, valued at approximately $300,000 CAD, to build a private enterprise blockchain solution for the electronics division of this South Korean conglomerate.

Graph Blockchain Limited (“GBC”), completed the first phase of the prototype for KB Life Insurance (“KB”), and received the initial payment from IBM. GBC provides an update on the progress of the prototype solution for KB, which was referred in partnership with IBM Global Asia, acknowledging that it has surpassed a completion milestone earlier in the month, with the prototype passing several development test points with no discernible issues.

they have entered into a non-binding Letter of Intent (the "LOI") which outlines the general terms and conditions pursuant to which RegTech and GBC have agreed to complete a transaction that will result in RegTech acquiring all of the issued and outstanding securities of GBC (the "Transaction") pursuant to a reverse-takeover ("RTO"), resulting in pre-financing valuation over C$39 Million.

GBC announced that the prototype solution for the electric power and utility company has achieved full success rates in all inter-developmental tests and reviews, and was deemed successfully completed, concluding with the GBC receiving payment for the solution of approximately $190,000 CAD.

Graph Blockchain (“Graph”) subsidiary entered into a definitive agreement to develop a large scale Graph Database and Blockchain solution prototype in partnership with IBM for a Korean conglomerate for an electric power and utility project. The solution will assist in analyzing charging stations. The value of the prototype is approximately $400,000.

Datametrex AI Limited (the “Company” or “Datametrex”) (TSXV:DM) (FSE:D4G) and its San Francisco based joint venture partner Bitnine Global Inc. (“Bitnine”) are pleased to announce the closing of a non-brokered private placement (the “Financing”) for Graph Blockchain Limited (“Graph” or the “Joint Venture”). As a result of increased demand for the Financing, Graph increased the size of the offering from $1,000,000 to approximately $3,500,000. Pursuant to the terms of the Financing, an aggregate of 35,253,764 common shares in the capital of Graph were issued at a price of $0.10 per common share.

Pursuant to the terms of the Proposed Spin-Out, it is anticipated that Datametrex will set a record date in the future, (the “Record Date”) pursuant to which shareholders as of the Record Date will be entitled to receive one (1) common share in the capital of Graph for every twenty (20) common shares of Datametrex held. The Proposed Spin-Out will be subject to regulatory approval, including the approval of the TSX Venture Exchange and the shareholders of Datametrex (if required).

The Private Placement is direct into the private company, “Graph”, so as not to dilute Datametrex AI Limited. With this financing, “Graph” will be positioned to continue to build Graph Blockchain solutions for corporations and government agencies.

This agreement is in addition to the previously announced contract between Nexalogy and Revive on November 27, where Nexalogy will use its proprietary social data discovery solution, NexaIntelligence, to unlock the value of data related to medical cannabis collected from social media networks and internet environments such as discussion forums, blogs and news sites.

Graph Database and Blockchain technology provides a unique way of organizing, analyzing and displaying Blockchain transactional data in real-time. The power utility company will make effective use of Datametrex Blockchain’s implementation of metadata, Graph database, and Blockchain solutions.

Bitnine specializes in Graph Database and Blockchain technology providing a unique way of organizing and analyzing blockchain transactional data. A graph database uses graphical structures for semantic queries with nodes, edges and properties to represent and store data.