Presenting High Performant BlockChain Solution

Graph Blockchain Limited is a BlockChain development company that provides state of the art bespoke BlockChain solutions for corporations and government agencies.

Why Graph Blockchain Limited?

  • Gain a competitive advantage
  • Gain new insight
  • Faster data processing
  • Flexible data management
  • Execute business deceptions faster

“Graph BlockChain can significantly speed up blockchain transaction processing, enabling near real time analyses that would be too slow using the existing solutions.”
Andrew Ryu, the CEO of Graph Blockchain

“In essence, Blockchain and graph technology can be applied to achieve the same overall goals- allowing enterprise organisations a way to analyse and represent large volume transactions in a complementary fashion. Graph Blockchain offers uncompromising performance thanks to its unique capability of data ingestion.
Justin Bae, the CTO of Graph Blockchain

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain is a digital tool for doing a variety of functions such as recording and verifyingtransactions. These functions have much needed utilization for security advances in the financial services, healthcare, banking, manufacturing, and retail industries

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The biggest strength of blockchain technology is that it allows data to be shared within trusted networks, without impacts on customized interfaces. It runs computations on data while keeping the data itself completely private, using an optimized version of secure, multiparty computation.


Blockchain technology allows it possible for every appropriate touch points in a supply chain, which is from a supplier to a consumer, to add a verifiable record to an item’s sales record. It helps a company to provide transparency by tracing the history of transactions and a product’s journey, as it protects both clients and sellers from fraudulent activities.